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41353 Friends Advent Calendar is a Friends Seasonal set released in 2018. It includes 24 Christmas themed mini-builds. It cost US $29.99, and UK £22.99.


Day 1 builds a red heart.
Day 2 builds a guitar, in Andrea's colour scheme; flame yellowish orange, bright reddish violet, and earth blue.
Day 3 builds a set of bright yellow bells.
Day 4 builds a fireplace with a stocking and nutcracker.
Day 5 builds a snowman.
Day 6 builds a red stocking.
Day 7 builds a camera, in Emma's colour scheme; white, black, and medium lavender.
Day 8 builds a red and white candy cane.
Day 9 builds a brick yellow reindeer.
Day 10 builds a white candle centerpiece.
Day 11 builds a medium lavender, medium lilac, and warm gold lantern.
Day 12 builds a trophy, in Stephanie's colour scheme; azur, earth blue, light purple, and bright yellow.
Day 13 builds a Christmas wreath.
Day 14 builds a piano, which is minifigure/mini-doll scale.
Day 15 builds a chocolate box resembling a game of tic-tac-toe.
Day 16 builds a Christmas pudding.
Day 17 builds a roller skate, in Mia's colour scheme; dark azur, medium lilac, bright orange, and bright yellowish green.
Day 18 builds a gingerbread house.
Day 19 builds a gingerbread man.
Day 20 builds a snowflake.
Day 21 builds two presents, one in medium lilac and one in bright reddish violet.
Day 22 builds a microscope, in Olivia's colour scheme; medium purple, cool yellow and dark azur.
Day 23 builds a Christmas tree.
Day 24 builds a train with mail.


  • Although the description says you can "Visit to unlock more surprises on 25th December!" no bonus instructions were ever released for this set.
  • The original description released in September included a line stating that the Advent Calendar includes "includes a Santa mini-doll figure plus 4 animal figures". However, no mini-dolls or animal figures were shown in the images. Although it was possible that the Santa mini-doll and animals were a surprise 25th gift, this line of the description was later removed, confirming that it's inclusion was a mistake.
  • This is the first, and so far only, LEGO Friends advent calendar to not include a mini-doll or animal figure.
  • This is the only advent calendar where each day builds an ornament. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Count down to Christmas with the LEGO® Friends Advent Calendar!

Open the LEGO® Friends 41353 Advent Calendar each day in December to build a new decoration for your house or Christmas tree. This calendar has 24 secret compartments, each containing a buildable surprise, including decorations to represent each of the 5 friends from Heartlake City.

  • Features 24 gifts, including a Christmas tree, candy cane, gingerbread man and a surprise to represent each of the 5 friends from Heartlake City.
  • Open a new compartment each day and count down to Christmas with buildable gifts!
  • Visit to unlock more surprises on 25th December!