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41357 Olivia's Heart Box is a Friends-themed set released in 2019. It includes Olivia, a heart box, and a few accessories. It cost US $7.99, and UK £7.99.


The heart box is built in Olivia's main colours; bright purple, cool yellow and dark azur. The lid of the heart box is decorated with a 2x4 bright purple tile with Olivia, her icon the gear and a circuit board pattern printed on it.

The set also includes a tablet, wrench, and a printed 1x2 bar of chocolate. A stand is also included to display the heart box.

Mini-Doll Figures

Olivia has dark nougat skin and curly brown hair. She wears a bright purple jumper over a cool yellow collared shirt, a necklace with several gear-shaped charms, dark azur belt, a cool yellow skirt, and magenta tennis shoes. A light purple flower is also included to be attached to Olivia's hair.


  • The printed "Olivia" name tile is exclusive to this set. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Take LEGO® Friends Olivia with you in her Heart Box, wherever you go!

Lift the lid on LEGO® Friends 41357 Olivia’s Heart Box and you’ll find LEGO Friends Olivia and her little robot friend Zobo, as well as some accessories that reflect Olivia’s science-mad character. In this collectible toy is a tablet, wrench and a bar of chocolate for her sweet tooth! This LEGO Heart Box is a true travel set, as every element fits into the heart-shaped case, and the lid keeps all the pieces together. Remove the lid to use it as a stage where Olivia can stand securely — perfect for play on the go. Includes an Olivia mini-doll figure, plus a robot figure.

  • Heart Box includes an Olivia mini-doll figure, plus a buildable Zobo the robot figure.
  • Features a buildable heart-shaped carry case in Olivia’s colors, with an Olivia name tile.
  • Accessory elements include a tablet, wrench, bar of chocolate and a flower for her hair.
  • Check on Olivia's latest inventions using her tablet.
  • Put everything inside the cute heart-shaped box to take and play on the go!
  • Place the box on its stand to display in your room, and take off the lid to make a stage for Olivia.
  • LEGO® Friends sets encourage creative play, and make building imaginative and fun.
  • Stack this cool collectible LEGO® Friends toy with 41354 Andrea's Heart Box, 41355 Emma's Heart Box, 41356 Stephanie's Heart Box and 41358 Mia's Heart Box to explore the personalities of all the friends from Heartlake City.
  • Box measures over 1” (3cm) high, 3” (8cm) wide and 3” (8cm) deep.

Mini-dolls Included