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41363 Mia's Forest Adventure is a Friends-themed set released in 2019. It includes Mia, electric skateboard, lookout tower, bridge, tree and beehive, bear, frog, and a few accessories. It cost US $14.99, and UK £12.99.


The set is designed to be located in the forest, with a bridge passing over a bridge adjacent to a lookout tower. A tree is also featured in the set, which includes a drop-down beehive function. The bears cave is located beside this.

Mia's electric skateboard, built in dark azur and bright yellowish green, is also included to help her get around the forest.

A skateboard remote control, stool, binoculars, and water bottle is included to round out the set.

Mini-Doll Figures

Mia has light nougat skin and red hair in a braid underneath her lavender helmet. She wears a medium lilac and dark azur shirt decorated with green adn orange triangles, a pair of olive green shorts, and bright orange tennis shoes.


  • Mia's torso is exclusive to this set. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Head into the forest with LEGO® Friends Mia for a wildlife-spotting adventure!

Go wildlife spotting with LEGO® Friends 41363 Mia’s Forest Adventure, featuring a buildable skateboard, lookout post and a bridge. There’s a cute baby bear to look after and the clever drop-down function on this creative play toy helps LEGO Friends Mia swing the beehive down so that the bear can reach the honey. There's also a cool electric mountainboard to motor away and continue exploring the surrounding forest. Includes a LEGO Friends Mia mini-doll figure, plus 2 animal figures.

  • Includes a Mia mini-doll figure, plus 2 animal figures: a bear and a frog.
  • This LEGO® adventure set features an electric skateboard, lookout tower, bridge and a tree with drop-down beehive function.
  • Accessory elements include a skateboard remote control, binoculars and a water bottle.
  • Scan the forest for wildlife then help the baby bear cub toy reach the honey from the tree.
  • Zoom into the woods on Mia's skateboard for a nature-spotting LEGO® Friends adventure in the forest.
  • LEGO® Friends sets encourage creative play, and make building imaginative and fun.
  • Skateboard measures over 1” (5cm) long, 1” (3cm) wide and under 1” (3cm) high.
  • Lookout measures over 1” (5cm) high, 5” (13cm) wide and 4” (11cm) deep.
  • Tree measures over 2” (7 cm) high, 3” (8 cm) wide, and 2” (6 cm) deep.

Mini-dolls Included