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41368 Andrea's Talent Show is a Friends-themed set released in 2019. It includes Andrea, Chloe, stage, 2 backstage areas, judging panel, rabbit figure, and several accessories. It cost US $29.99, and UK £24.99.


The stage is built using a colour scheme consisting of flame yellowish orange, bright reddish violet, bright blueish green, and black. Three interchangeable performances are included for the stage; a drum kit, microphone stand and disappearing magic trick. The stage is bordered on each side by a large speaker. The stage also features a drop down flags to show the judge's opinion.

The backstage areas depict a dressing room and mirror and costume storage.

The judging panel is also included, along with a camera and winners cheque.

Accessory elements include microphone, magic trick set, camera, hairbrush, lipstick, cup, cell phone stand, fabric skirt, magician's cape, magic card, hat, wand, and rabbit.

Mini-Doll Figures

Andrea has dark skin and curly dark brown hair. She wears a black and gold net top, bright reddish violet skirt, and earth blue knee high boots.

Chloe has light nougat skin and blonde hair with metallic pink highlights. She wears a black and white plaid shirt under a bright yellow sleeveless jacket, gold necklace, black skirt, and light purple knee high boots with black laces.


  • Andrea's and Chloe's torsos are exclusive to this set.
  • Andrea's and Chloe's leg pieces are exclusive to this set.
  • Chloe's head and hair piece are also exclusive to this set. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Showcase your talents with LEGO® Friends Andrea!

It’s showtime with LEGO® Friends 41368 Andrea’s Talent Show. This set features 3 different rotating stage sets for hours of creative play displaying Andrea’s talents. Get her ready in the dressing room, then on stage, help her sing, play drums or perform magic—twist the knob on the clever box to make a bunny appear! The 2 speakers at the side of the stage rotate to reveal big screens. Enhance the play further by placing your cell phone on the stand and playing a video or music to provide a backdrop for Andrea — 2 yellow clips behind the stage secure the device. Help Chloe use the red and green buttons on the judge’s desk to say what she thinks of the talent show acts, and make the flags drop down above the stage to reveal her reaction. Then use the firework functions to celebrate the results of the LEGO talent show. Includes 2 mini-doll figures: Andrea and Chloe, plus a rabbit figure.

  • Includes 2 mini-doll figures: Andrea and LEGO Friends Chloe, plus a rabbit figure.
  • Features a main stage with rotating speakers, plus 3 separate rotating mini sets, 2 backstage areas, a judging panel with flag functions and voting button, a stand to attach a cell phone, fireworks function and a magician's box.
  • Accessory elements include toy microphone, magic trick set, camera, hairbrush, lipstick, cup, cell phone stand and a fabric skirt for Andrea to change in to.
  • Magician accessory elements include magician’s cape, magic card, hat, wand and toy rabbit.
  • Change rotating sets so Andrea can sing, do magic and play her toy drum kit, allowing her to display her many performing talents.
  • Take Andrea backstage to help her get ready for her big night in her fabric skirt or magician's cape!
  • Pull out the flags to give a thumbs-up, then set off the fireworks!
  • Stand your cell phone behind the stage to add amazing backdrops or songs.
  • LEGO® Friends sets encourage creative play, and make building imaginative and fun.
  • Connect the circular base from 41383 Olivia's Hamster Playground to the stage to add a motorbike-riding hamster act to the talent show.
  • Measures over 8” (21cm) high, 9” (25cm) wide and 5” (14cm) deep.

Mini-dolls Included

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