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41555 Busto is a Mixels set released in 2016.

Description from the LEGO shop

Don't let anyone bust out of living jail cell Busto!

This sweet MCPD tribe member is just too nice and will let prisoners talk their way to freedom. Keep Busto's jail cell closed or this charming Mixel will get in trouble with 41554 Kuffs!

  • Lock up prisoners in the living jail cell that is Busto of the 2016 LEGO® MIXELS™ MCPD tribe!
  • Busto features an opening jail cell, posable joints, translucent blue and red elements, plus a crowbar for play.
  • Collect all 3 MCPD tribe members in LEGO® MIXELS™ Series 7 to build the MAX!
  • Go to for exclusive building instructions, games, animations and much more.
  • Watch all your favorite MIXELS™ characters on Cartoon Network.
  • Stands over 1” (4 cm) tall.