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41620 is a Star Wars BrickHeadz set released in 2018.


See Stormtrooper for further background.


The set contains 124 pieces, which are used to build a small stormtrooper. The set utilizes slanted pieces as eye slits, and exclusive printed tiles as the filtration system. The E-11 blaster is a combination of multiple pieces, and the main body is a large build consisting of multiple pieces and a large printed tile as the chestpiece. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (visit this item’s product page)

This LEGO® BrickHeadz™ construction character featuring a Stormtrooper is fun to build using LEGO bricks that recreate all his iconic details from the original blockbuster Star Wars™: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back movie, including his white helmet and armor. The Stormtrooper figure also has a detachable blaster and stands on a buildable collector's baseplate with BrickHeadz icon for easy display in your home, office or anywhere you like.

Buildable Stormtrooper LEGO® BrickHeadz™ construction character features BrickHeadz eyes and authentic details from the original blockbuster Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back movie, including iconic white mask and armor, plus a detachable blaster. Each LEGO® BrickHeadz™ construction character comes with its own buildable collector's baseplate. Have fun growing your LEGO® BrickHeadz™ collection with other characters from the blockbuster Star Wars saga, TV series, games and comics. This LEGO® Star Wars model stands over 2” (7cm) tall without baseplate. Baseplate measures over 1” (4cm) square.


  • This was one of the first Star Wars Classic characters in BrickHeadz, along with 41619 Darth Vader.
  • This set appears to be based off the original stormtrooper minifigure design, but the blue vent tiles on the sides are clearly based off the newer stormtrooper designs.

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