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4202 Mining Truck is a City Mining set released in 2012. It contains a dump truck, a sign, a stick of dynamite, and two rocks with gold. The set also includes the Truck Driver minifigure.


The Mining Truck is a large, nearly square vehicle for carrying large objects out of the mine. The front of the truck has many features, including transparent red and clear headlights, a license plate bearing the set's ID number and a large, square and black grill. In front of the grill is a ladder for the driver to climb up. It is one stud off the center to the right. This is to make it so that the license plate sticker can also be read. The sticker is one stud off the left. On the top of the front, there's a cab the the driver can climb into via the ladder. On the left side of the cab is the engine. The wheels are proportionately large to account for the middle and back of the truck, where the bucket is. The bucket takes up nearly the entire truck and has the mining logo on each side. Below the bucket are hinges allowing it to dump. The only thing below that is the frame and wheels.

The set also comes with several accessories; two boulders with gold nuggets inside, a red stick of dynamite with a timer on it and a warning sign with a sticker on it depicting an exploding brick. This most likely means to stand clear and that the dynamite will blow up soon. Each boulder is a dark stone grey colour and inside it contains a couple studs and crystals with a gold colour. The dynamite is a 3-piece accessory. It is a stick of dynamite with a piece connecting it to a with printing of a timer.


  • The mining truck has an extra piece on the top of the front. The instructions give no use for it, however, it provides a way for the truck to hold and transport the sign the comes with it.
  • The truck is able to hold several times as many rocks as it comes with. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Load up the rocks and find the gold with the Mining Truck!

Big jobs call for big vehicles and heroes. The mighty Mining Truck was made for big building adventure. Load up the Mining Truck with rocks, transport the load out of the mine, set the dynamite charge and blast for the hidden gold! Includes miner minifigure.

  • Includes miner minifigure with mining helmet
  • Mining Truck features large all-terrain wheels and dumping function
  • Includes dynamite with timer and big rock containing 2 gold crystals and 3 gold nuggets
  • Fill up the Mining Truck!
  • Blast for gold with the dynamite and timer!
  • Mining Truck measures over 4” (12cm) high, 7” (19cm) wide and 5” (13cm) long

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