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42030 Remote-Controlled VOLVO L350F Wheel Loader is a TECHNIC set released in 2014.


Both The A-model and the B-model have articulated steering and a straight six cylinder engine connected to both axles. This engine pieces are green instead of gray. The A-model has four functions, all motorized. A PF XL motor drives the set, a servo motor steers, an L motor lifts and lowers the bucket, and an M-motor tilts the bucket. The back can open, revealing the engine, the mudflaps and side can also open, which will also reveal the engine. It also has rear suspension.

The B-model features only three functions, driving, steering, and tilting the bed. The bed however, has too many gaps to hold smaller items. The hood can also be opened, to reveal the engine.


It is the first TECHNIC set to be licensed by Volvo. The A-model is based off of the L350F front loader, and the B-model is based off of the A25F.


  • Despite the B-model being based off of the A25F, the A25F has six wheels, not four.
  • The sides of the engine have white pieces, these white pieces are the oil filters, two of them are normal, high flow filters and the third one is a fine filter that is optimized to catch finer particles, but has a slower flow. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Get up close to the giant Volvo L350F!

Climb aboard the Volvo L350F! Developed in partnership with Volvo Construction Equipment, this meticulously detailed, fully remote-controlled model has all the features of Volvo’s largest real-life high-tech wheel loader. Activate the Power Functions motors, turn the articulated servo steering and watch the detailed 6-cylinder engine pistons and fan move as you drive it into position. Then it’s time to lift the arm and tip the giant bucket—the largest element we’ve ever produced for a LEGO® Technic model! When you feel like another building challenge, rebuild it into the tough Volvo A25F articulated hauler.

  • Remote-control replica of the powerful Volvo L350F wheel loader
  • Features a detailed 6-cylinder Volvo-green engine with moving pistons and fan, articulated servo steering, working lift arm, and a massive, tipping bucket
  • Activate the double remote-controlled Power Functions motors for powerful, simultaneous driving and digging action – just like the real machine!
  • Includes the following LEGO® Power Functions components: a servo motor, an XL-motor, a large motor, a medium motor, a battery box, 2 remote controls and 2 infrared receivers
  • Climb aboard this powerful high-tech machine!
  • Bucket reaches over 14” (38cm) into the air!
  • 2-in-1 model: rebuilds into a Volvo A25F articulated hauler
  • Volvo L350F (with bucket lowered) measures over 9” (23cm) high, 22” (58cm) long and 6” (16cm) wide
  • Volvo A25F measures over 9” (23cm) high, 19” (50cm) long and 6” (17cm) wide


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