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The Jack Stone coluring book features 10 pages (including front and back cover) Inside the front cover, it contains some sets avaliable in 2003, and the first page features a colour me in Jack Stone. The second and third features how to make a parachute for your Jack Stone figure, the fourth is a dot to dot joining up dghfsdhgifhgfdoihjdfi. The fourth page contains a maze, with Jack Stone, Vlamdimir and russel. The fifth is a mtach 'em up, with a fish, flame, nut, pencil, spanner, fish bowl, paper and water bucket. the sixth is another join the dots, but this time it is Jack Stone on a chain. The final page is another maze with vladimir in set hgjhikdhoermknv trying to find the fuel tank. It finishes on the inside back cover with a story, and on the back a picture of Jack in black!

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