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4346 Robo Pod is one of the original X-Pod sets that were released in 2004. It's recommended for children aged 6+.

Original Release

The Robo Pod was originally released in 2004, first available in LEGO catalogues. This, as well as the original auto, aero, and wild pods were first seen in a LEGO City comic in the LEGO Club Magazine. The four pods were flying through the air over the city, and they were going to be what would save the city. LEGO let readers choose what the four pods were, but it is unknown if they used any of the ideas. The names of the pods were announced a few issues later.


The Robo Pod is capable of being assembled into a variety of different green robots. The instructions give directions for three different models. The first model, the one pictured above, is a short robot that carries some sort of weapon or stick. The second assembly is somewhat similar to the first, but shorter, and its stick is more like a gun. The third and final assembly is one that has the pod as its body, with feet on the bottom, and a head on the top. The rest of the instructions included pictures to give ideas to make with the 50 pieces included.


The Robo Pod's primary colour is green, which is featured on the lids for the main pod. Also, most of the pieces are green. Other minor colours include tan, black, and some red and grey.



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