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44001 Pyrox is a Hero Factory set released in January 2013. It is one of the mid-sized sets in the theme. He can combine with 44000 Furno XL.


When infected by the Brains, Pyrox turns into a flame empowered monster, with designs based on the mythological creature, the Minotaur. He features a massive left claw, bull-like feet, large horns and carries a flaming torch. Primary colors include red, black, translucent orange and a yellow Brain.


Originating as a quadrupedal, bull-like species, the Pyrox are turned into bipedal monster when infected by a Brain. These are used to attack Makuhero City, along with the other infected creatures.


  • According to the Brain Attack preview, the Pyrox appear to be Bull-like creatures living on a volcano planet. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it.

Turn the heat up on the heroes with PYROX!

Calling all heroes to the LEGO® Hero Factory briefing room immediately! The evil brains have transformed a bull-like creature into the ferocious fire minotaur, PYROX! This is one beast you must approach with extreme caution. Beware of its huge horns, rotating flame staff, fire claws and lava shoulder armor! This bull-headed bad guy was made for the heat of battle!

  • Features removable yellow evil brain, huge horns, rotating flame staff, razor-sharp fire claws, rock-hard lava shoulder armor and leg armor flames
  • Includes highly durable and poseable design with fire-decorated armor element
  • Spin the fire staff!
  • Attach the yellow evil brain to make the transformation complete!
  • Battle with 44000 FURNO XL!
  • Combine with 44000 FURNO XL using building instructions available at!
  • Also includes unique code worth 600 game points for LEGO® Hero Factory Brain Attack mobile app and online game at
  • Stands over 7” (19cm) tall



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