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4416 Robo Pod is a Creator X-Pod set released in 2006. The pod is transparent blue with white lids. It includes 71 pieces and instructions to build 3 robots, 1 using the pod. It's recommended for children aged 6 through to 10. Description[] This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (visit this item’s product page)

Robots on the go!
Brush up on your robot building skills whenever, wherever! Build a rolling monster or two different robots, one model at a time -- there are building instructions for all three packed inside your pod! Put it in your pocket and build anywhere! Includes building instructions for all 3 robots! Quick to build and rebuild for hours of fun! Combine them all to make cool combo models! Handy carry case with studs, so you can build it right into your models! Unique assortment of hard to find LEGO elements! Fits into backpacks, pockets and more for on-the-go play!


  • Interestingly, the [[w:c:legouniverse:Stromling Mech|Stromling Mechs] in LEGO Universe are modeled after the Robo Pod with a different color scheme.
  • Two robots in the game have the same coloration as the Robo Pod, named PRDX-4 and PRDX-7.
  • It has the most pieces out of the 2006 X-Pod sets.

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