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4427 Fire ATV is a City Forest set that was released in 2012. It consists of a small ATV, or All Terrain Vehicle, and a firefighter minifigure with an axe, a chainsaw, and a fire extinguisher.


The set contains a small fire ATV that has a roll bar and blue warning lights on front and on top. On the back are some clip pieces for holding various equipment including a Dark Grey chainsaw, Black axe and Yellow fire extinguisher. The firefighter minifigure consists of a Dark Red firefighter helmet, a Dark Grey oxygen mask with a Transparent visor and Bright Yellow oxygen tank, a head piece printed with thick eyebrows, an Orange bruise or mark, a smirk and some stubble, a Bright orange torso with bright orange arms and dark grey hands, the front of the torso is printed with a utility belt which has Brown pouches and a Silver buckle, a pocket, a collar with a silver button and a patch of Tan in the middle, the back of the torso is printed with a fire emblem and continuations of the utility belt and and tan patch, bright orange legs printed with a line of tan on the top of them and some dark tan patches. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it.

Race to put out the fire with the speedy Fire ATV!

Be first on the scene with the Fire ATV! With 4-wheel-drive and all-terrain capability, the firefighter is always quick to respond to any fire! Includes firefighter minifigure.

  • Includes firefighter minifigure
  • Features fireproof equipment, chainsaw and axe
  • Get to the fire fast!
  • Don’t let any terrain get in your way!
  • Fire ATV measures over 2” (7cm) long

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