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4476 Jabba's Prize is a set released in 2003 as part of the Classic Star Wars line.


The set has little detail to it; the set base is made out of a 8X8 plate, the set has a plate that leans back making Han Solo in Carbonite lean forward. Two torches are put on top of the set decor, and add a realistic feel to the set. It also includes the "Carbonite Controls". There are three minifigs in this set; Han Solo (frozen in carbonite), a Gamorean Guard, and Boba Fett. Boba has a black face, and a helmet attached to his backpack. Han Solo in Carbonite is the same as its other appearance: a 2X1 column with Frozen Han printed on the front. Instead of just having the column with him printed on it, however, the Han Solo in Carbonite has two grey studs on the top of it. The Gamorean has stone grey arms on a brown body (although the body is hidden under the detailed headpiece). It has a brown belt with legs that are a light-green colour.


This set depicts a scene from Episode VI: Return of the Jedi where Boba Fett guards Jabbas' prize possession.

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Free Han Solo™ from Jabba the Hutt™!

Boba Fett™ has delivered Han Solo™ frozen in carbonite to Jabba the Hutt™ -- and Jabba is so pleased he has hung his prize possession on the wall of his palace! If you want to free him, you'll have to get past the Gammorean Guard™. Release the mechanism to free Han! Combine this set with #4475 Jabba's Message and #4480 Jabba's Palace to complete the palace set.

  • Includes Boba Fett™, Han Solo™ in carbonite, and Gammorean Guard™.

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