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TIE Bomber is a set released in 2003 as part of the Classic Star Wars line. It includes 229 pieces, building a TIE Bomber and one TIE Pilot minifigure.


The TIE Bomber is a set similar to the design of the TIE Advanced, the main difference being that the Bomber has a second section next to the cockpit. This second hull is home to the bombs it holds and can be opened and closed to drop its explosive cargo. The cockpit hatch can also open, this one to accommodate the pilot. The wings of the TIE Bomber are long and flat, with the top and bottom tips bent inward. The Empire's symbol is on the center of both wings.


TIE/sa bombers were used in raids and attacks, deployed side-by-side with the more agile TIE Fighters. Their bombs were extremely powerful and were known to level dense jungles with ease. TIE Bombers were used on the Rebel Alliance's base on Yavin 4, a rogue droid factory on Mustafar and on an asteroid the Millennium Falcon was hiding in. They were known by rebel pilots as "dupes," or "sitting ducks."

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The TIE bomber is on its way!

The TIE bomber™ is one of the Empire's most fearsome ships! It usually flies in formation with the TIE fighter™ on a mission to stop the Rebels. Even X-wing pilots know fear when they see the TIE bomber™ heading their way! Open the front pods to reveal the pilot and a weapons chamber.

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