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4489 Mini AT-AT is a Star Wars Mini set released in 2003. It is also a minikit in LEGO Star Wars II and LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga. This set contains additional parts to build a blue Y-wing Fighter when also using additional parts from sets 4488, 4490 and 4491. An updated version of this set came out for BrickMaster in the 2010 November - December Magazines. It is included in K4488 Star Wars Miniatures Kit.


The AT-AT's legs each have three joints, all of which can fold up and down 180 degrees. The head can also rotate 360 degrees, and fold up and down. The guns underneath the cockpit can also rotate, and fold up and down.


AT-AT's were used by the Empire to attack the Rebel Alliance's base on the snow planet of Hoth. Five of them were deployed, and some were taken down by Rebel snowspeeders, lead by general Luke Skywalker who used an unorthodox way of tripping the AT-ATs and making them stumble to the ground.. Description[] This is a description taken from Please do not modify it.

The AT-AT is on the march!
Recreate the Battle of Hoth with the MINI AT-AT! Combine it with #4486 for even more realistic Star Wars excitement.


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