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4491 Mini MTT is a Star Wars Mini set released in 2003.


The set is mainly built out of Old Brown pieces but is also made up of Dark Orange, Black, and Dark Stone Grey pieces. The front of the MTT is a large door, actually a dish piece. Two guns are mounted on the front left and right. Back behind the guns are two engines, actually lightsaber hilt pieces. At the top of the MTT are half circle pieces, representing the cockpit. The back of the vehicle is a storage area for vehicles which slopes down to the back engines.


The MTT, or Multi Troop Transport, is a transportation vehicle used to carry Battle Droids and deploy them in specified attack areas. It is heavily armoured and is described as a "Tank" by Commander Cody. It is brown and sleek, heavily armoured and can carry a significant amount of droids. MTTs were notably used in the battle of Naboo.

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Take control of Naboo with the MTT!
The Trade Federation's MTT (Multi Troop Transport) is a heavily armored craft used to carry battle droids into the action.


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