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4500744 Ludo with Minifigures is a LEGO Board Games set released in 2006. It is the same as set G572 LEGO Ludo and set 851847 Ludo. The game includes 16 Minifigures and a buildable base for playing. The game is designed for a maximum of four players. It included a total of 16 Minifigures, and 8 accessories. It also included dice. The pieces of the LEGO attached to the board are glued down and the base plate is attached via velcro. A team consists of four Minifigures, which are identical.

Game Play

The Objective of the game is to jump around the board. The dice determines how many spaces you can move. You must get all of your team Minifgures into their correct quadrant of the board first to win.


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