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4528 Green Lantern is a Super Heroes set released in late 2011 in some places, but 2012 in most. It contains an Ultrabuild model of the Green Lantern.


Head and Torso

Head: See Part bb540.
Green Lantern's torso is made up of two sections. The first uses a normal black body part with the head part attached. The torso armour is then connected onto it, and the chest armour with the Green Lantern Corps insignia. The second also uses the same body part, but with the armour parts connected onto the sides and back. It is then connected onto section 1 using a TECHNIC connector part to form the whole torso.

Arms and Hands

The arms are made of multiple colours, including Pearl Dark Grey, White, Black and Dark Bluish Grey. They are symmetrical and the Morning Star construct is placed in his right hand. His hands are white to represent the white 'gloves' that he wears in the comic books.

Legs and Feet

His legs are Black and Dark Bluish Grey with Bright Green and Pearl Dark Grey armour. His feet are also Bright Green, and are only available in that colour in this set.

The Morning Star Construct

The Morning Star construct is made up of four parts, two TECHNIC connectors and two new Transparent Bright Green moulds. It has a circular end where it emerges from the hand, possibly representing Green Lantern's ring.


An average test pilot, Hal Jordan witnessed an alien craft crash down on earth. Rushing through the rubble, Jordan discovered Abin Sur, Green Lantern of the Sector 2814. Abin Sur tells Jordan that the ring has chosen him to become his successor and become the new Green Lantern of Sector 2814. Jordan accepts, and becomes the new Green Lantern. Jordan later defeats Abin Sur's enemy, Parallax, and Parallax's apprentice, Hector Hammond.

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Protect the galaxy with LEGO® Green Lantern™!

LEGO® Green Lantern™ uses his powered-up suit and awesome power ring to protect the galaxy. The ring gives him special powers, like flying, travelling through space, speaking alien languages and creating objects of solid energy like the morning star. The galaxy is safe with LEGO Green Lantern™!

  • Features buildable LEGO® Green Lantern™ figure with a powered-up suit and power ring
  • Includes the morning star construct
  • Customize your model using the flexible building system!
  • Build bigger figures with the exclusive high-friction joints!
  • Combine with 4527 LEGO® The Joker for an even bigger Green Lantern model!
  • Collect the other DC characters: 4526 LEGO Batman™ and 4527 LEGO The Joker
  • Stands over 7” (18cm) tall


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