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4595 Zero Tornado & Hot Rock is a small Drome Racers set released in 2002.


The set contains the Hot Rock, an offroad vehicle driven by Team H.O.T and the Zero Tornado, a vehicle of the same class driven by Team Zero.

A small Bridge (measuring 12-stud x 14-stud) is also included. It contains four cylinder pieces with leaves attached, and two vine pieces to give a deep-jungle effect.

The two drome races have a new body piece (measuring 2-stud x 2-stud). The racer driving the Hot-Rock has the same face print as the minifigure, chip, from the RACE theme.

The Zero Tornado Has a rare gear-three pull-back engine, unlike Hot Rock, which has a more common gear-two motor.


  • This is the only set other than 4592 Red Monster to include a gear-3 pullback motor.

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