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4648933 Accessory Pack is a Hero Factory polybag released in 2012. It contains a total of six pieces.



The Accessory Pack includes two red and black corrupted quaza spikes, which are also used in all of the Savage Planet villain sets, in addition to the Breakout sets 6203 Black Phantom and 6228 Thornraxx. There are also two titanium-coloured armour parts, which are used for many things, such as for connecting weapons to, an example being 2182 Bulk 3.0, pieces of armour for Titan sets (6203 Black Phantom), and even 'toes' for the larger Hero Factory sets, like 2282 Rocka XL. The two last pieces are silver blades/spikes, which are also used in a variety of Breakout and Savage Planet sets. All of the pieces were introduced in 2011.


The bag shows part of a Savage Planet poster, depicting Bulk 3.0, 2143 Rocka 3.0, 2232 Raw-Jaw, part of 2236 Scorpio, 2233 Fangz, 2191 Furno 3.0, and the face of the Witch Doctor looming at the top. The background of the battle between Heroes and creatures is set on Quatros, also known as the Savage Planet. The Hero Factory logo, with the LEGO one next to it, is portrayed at the top, and below the LEGO logo, there is a list of information; Ages 6+, 6 pcs; Building Toy.

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