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4659018 LEGO MBA Kits 2-6 Subscription is a LEGO Master Builder Academy set released in 2011. It consists of a 10-month subscription to LEGO MBA, with 5 MBA kits included. Five more kits would be included if it was preorderd. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Join the LEGO® Master Builder Academy! Subscribe to get kits 2-6!
After trying out LEGO® Master Builder Academy with Kit 1 Space Designer, the journey to better building continues with the LEGO MBA Subscription. Learn new building skills with new themes and get a new kit delivered to your home every other month! The subscription includes:

  • Kit 2 Microbuild Designer: Learn about scaling the size of your models and building with the smallest LEGO® elements as you get a giant introduction to microscale building!
  • Kit 3 Robot Designer: Enter the action-packed world of robots and mecha while discovering the techniques of styling and balance!
  • Kit 4 Flight Designer: The advanced building techniques of shape and stability will help you navigate the world of flying vehicles!
  • Kit 5 Creature Designer: Let your inner LEGO designer loose as you practice the techniques of detailed styling and color with monster and alien models!
  • Kit 6 Auto Designer: Put all the skills and techniques you've learned to the test as you discover how to build, design and customize anything on wheels!
  • Includes 1 LEGO MBA kit delivered every two months, for 10 months: 5 kits in total.
  • Each kit includes one 84-page Designer Handbook teaching 2 LEGO MBA techniques, building instructions to build 3 models, one at a time, and exclusive minifigures and accessories.
  • Learn more about Kit 1.
  • For more information on LEGO Master Builder Academy, please visit

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