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4659607 Booster Pack is a Hero Factory set released in 2012. It includes six pieces.


The Booster Pack is made for the Breakout line, and it includes a transparent bright green half-Hex Energy Shield, similar to the two included in the set 6202 Rocka. It also includes a five-part Hero-Cuff. The Hero-Cuffs are included in all hero sets in the 2012 Breakout line.


The handcuffs built at the time of Breakout are, according to the Hero Factory website, almost as intelligent as some Heroes. They use a self-contained propulsion unit to lock onto a villain, and they will follow their target anywhere until they lock around a villain's appendages.
The green Hex Energy shields are not as powerful as the red ones, seen in the set 6227 Breez. The shields use 'localised radiant energy particles', or LREP, to focus and bounce back any kinetic or energy-based weapon. Bullets bounce off the shield, which also absorbs plasma blasts. In the theme, the shield can extend to huge dimensions, enough to cover a city, but it would be tremendously weak.

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