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4695 Mini Knight Bus is a promotional mini Harry Potter set released in 2004. This, and 40028 Mini Hogwarts Express, are the Harry Potter mini sets to date. It is a microscale model of the Knight Bus, and a smaller version of 4755 Knight Bus.


The Knight Bus is a violet tripledecker bus. As with most microscale models, minifigures can not, and are not intended to fit inside. The "Knight Bus" label is printed onto a 2x4 brick. This particular piece was only available in this set. Made out of only 58 bricks, the Mini Knight Bus is one of two LEGO mini sets to be released in the LEGO Harry Potter theme.


It was never available in shops, but this set was available in four ways. One way was by ordering a special Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban set pack and getting the bus free with an order. The second was by being subscribed to Brickmaster at the time and receiving it as the monthly gift. The third was by buying a ticket to Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban film and receiving it as a gift at select theaters. Lastly, in the Australiasian area, the set was available for free over the 2004 Christmas holidays when it was given away with 4757 Hogwarts Castle.


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