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4714 Gringotts Bank is a Harry Potter set released in 2002. It depicts Gringotts Bank as it appears in the movie Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. It contains a rail car with rails, the bank's front entrance, and a vault. Minifigures included are Harry Potter, Rubeus Hagrid, Griphook, and a Goblin. Animals included are a bat, a white rat, and black and a white owl.



The first Gringotts set comes in multiple parts and has great variety for playability. It consists of an entrance chamber with a removable counter and two rotating safes, a bank vault, a trolley for transferring treasure to the vaults, a cart on rails, coins, money tiles, and a mysterious parcel that contains the Philospher's Stone. The entrance chamber has a LEGO brick with the word "Gringotts" printed, and the middle section with the counter lifts out. The bank vault is a rocky outcrop LEGO piece because the vault is carved into rock, and has a golden key and a hidden compartment under the bat. The rail piece works by a LEGO Technic mechanism which has a lever that flips over and the pushes the cart down the rail.


The set has four minifigures, Harry Potter in Muggle clothing, Hagrid, a Goblin, and Griphook.


  • In 10217 Diagon Alley, a new Gringotts Bank is featured. This version of Gringotts has more of the exterior detail from the movie, whereas this older version is more focused on the interior of the building.

Minifigures Included[]

Harry blue jacket
Hagrid 2001
Goblin 1
Harry Potter
(Blue Jacket)
Rubeus Hagrid
(Version 1)
(Version 1)


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