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4721 Hogwarts Classrooms is a 71 piece Harry Potter set released in 2001. It contains a Hogwarts classroom. The background is cardboard and fixed in place by a base piece. Contained in one part of the classroom is the Mirror of Erised and the other part contains a potions room. The minifigure Harry Potter is included. It has 71 pieces.


The Classroom[]

The Mirror of Erised part of the classroom contains a purple door with a golden key in an orange archway with two flames. Along with a chair and desk, the main feature of the room is the mirror, which is an orange frame supported by orange pieces used to represent clawed feet. The mirror shows James Potter and Lily Evans along with their son, Harry. The mirror has two pink pieces and a chrome gold decoration on the top.

The potions part of the classroom depicts a scene in which Harry in his uniform and purple cloak brews potions. A window pane and frame pieces are decorated to look like a blackboard, and a cauldron is heated with flames represented by transparent plate pieces. Also included is a hinged bookcase, a frog, wands, and spellbooks.

Mirror of Erised[]


In the book, the Mirror of Erised is found in an unused classroom, later to be moved by Professor Dumbledore. Within the mirror, James Potter and Lily Evans appeared in this set as a non-actual minifigures. It also appears in the set 4702 The Final Challenge and in the 2011 set 4867 Hogwarts.


The room, contrary to LEGO's typical approach to Hogwarts, is orange. There is a purple door that leads into it, with nothing on the other side. The room contains a pink chair, a white and orange desk, and the mirror. The mirror is set in an orange frame, and shows a picture of Harry with his parents. An owl and a chrome gold key are also included. Description[] This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (See an archive of the product’s page)

Solve the mysteries of Hogwarts!
Help Harry Potter™ with his lessons at Hogwarts™! This special set includes Harry Potter, a Hogwarts classroom, and the powerful, mysterious Mirror of Erised™. Includes backdrop for two rooms!

Minifigures Included[]

Purple cloak harry
Harry Potter
(Violet Cape)



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