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4726 Quidditch Practice is a Harry Potter set released in the year of 2002. It contained all four Quidditch balls, three Quidditch hoops, and three minifigures being Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy, and Madam Hooch. It is the first of two Quidditch-related sets produced by LEGO, with the other released in 2010 and called 4737 Quidditch Match.


The Quidditch Field

4726 Quidditch Practice is the LEGO Group's first recreation of Quidditch. The set comes with a tower for the referee, three goal posts, a catapult, and a trunk with the Quidditch balls. In the tower, there is a hidden compartment under the referee's chair, and a door opens up to reveal a broom cupboard. The goal posts were made using LEGO Technic axles. The Golden Snitch (a gold chrome stud piece) attaches around a minifigure's hand rather than being held in it.


The minifigures are Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy, and Madam Hooch. As Seeker for the Gryffindor team, Harry is dressed in the red cloak and red-and-gold torso of Gryffindor Quidditch Robes, and Draco, also a Seeker, wears a green Slytherin Quidditch uniform. Silver detail on his torso highlights the markings on his Quidditch robes. Both come with broomsticks. Madam Hooch's minifigure has goggles, a black Hogwarts referee uniform, and grey hair.

Minifigures included

Harry quidditch 1.png
Draco quidditch 1.png
Harry Potter
(Quidditch Robes)
Draco Malfoy
(Quidditch Robes)
Madam Hooch
(Version 1)


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