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4750 Draco's Encounter with Buckbeak is a Harry Potter LEGO set released in the year 2004. It depicts the scene in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban where Draco Malfoy angers the Hippogriff, Buckbeak, during one of Hagrid's Care of Magical Creatures lessons. The set contains a small garden with Draco Malfoy and Buckbeak.


During Hagrid's Care of Magical Creatures class, Draco Malfoy is attacked by Buckbeak after deliberately provoking the naturally proud creature. After a hearing in which Malfoy's father strongly argued against the creature, Buckbeak was sentenced to death. However, Harry Potter and Hermione Granger went back in time using the Time Turner and successfully stopped the executioner, Macnair, from killing Buckbeak.


The Garden

A smaller set, the garden setting includes a hidden compartment in some rocks that contains a spider tile, feathers, and a tile printed with a bedding roll. The set also comes with an orange minifigure head posing as a pumpkin.

As for the small tree, two plant pieces each with six leaves are used. A flower stem with three large leaves is also included.


The only official minifigure included in this set is Draco Malfoy. He is in his Slytherin robes with a black cape. However, the half-horse, half-eagle Hippogriff model of Buckbeak also comes in this set (as well as 4753 Sirius Black's Escape). A Brick Yellow owl is also included.


  • It is the only set that includes this particular version of the Malfoy minifigure. In the same year, he was also included in 4757 Hogwarts Castle, but in his Quidditch uniform.
  • Despite being a Care of Magical Creatures lesson, Hagrid and other students are not included. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Draco meets Buckbeak!
Draco Malfoy™ is in for a surprise at his first Care of Magical Creatures class, when he meets Buckbeak™ the hippogriff™! A secret compartment in the fence hides a hippogriff feather, a spider, and more. Includes Draco Malfoy and Buckbeak.

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