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4753 Sirius Black's Escape is a Harry Potter set released in 2004. Harry Potter, Sirius Black, and Dementor minifigures are included. The set depicts the scene in which Harry and Hermione (who is not included) help Sirius escape from the Dark Tower on Buckbeak. The bottom half of the set can slide open to reveal hidden treasure.


The Tower[]

This set, based on Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, focuses around the Dark Tower. A small cell on the upper floor contains a bench, a goblet, and two torches. The tower opens up to reveal a second cell with hideen compartments. The wall pieces are stone-molded, a padlock piece attaches into the key hole, and the tower has a crenelated castle wall. In the lower area of the tower lives a rat and a unit that hinges forward with a hidden compartment underneath. A potion bottle with a jewel stopper sits on top of the lid of the unit, which lifts up to reveal a black key inside.


The set includes Sirius Black, a Dementor, and Harry Potter, and Buckbeak.

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Help Sirius Black™ escape the dementors!
Harry Potter™ has to ride Buckbeak™ up to the tower to save Sirius Black™ from the dementors™! Will he make it in time, or is Sirius doomed? This exciting set features a tower you can open, secret hiding places, spooky spider-webs, and more. Includes Harry Potter, Buckbeak, Sirius Black, and a dementor.


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