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{{Set header
|supertheme=Harry Potter (Theme)!Harry Potter
|subtheme=Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
|before= 4754 Hagrid's Hut
|after=4756 Shrieking Shack
|Title = Knight Bus
|Image = 4755-1-1.jpg
|Item № = 4755
|Pieces = 242
|Minifigures = [[Harry Potter (minifigure)|Harry Potter]]<br />
[[Stan Shunpike]]
|Price = US $29.99
|Ages = 7-12
|Released = [[2004]]
|Theme = {{th|Harry Potter}}{{si}}[[Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban]]
'''4755 Knight Bus''' is a {{th|Harry Potter}} [[set]] released in [[2004]]. The set depicts the scene in [[Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban]] where {{m|Harry Potter}}, after fleeing Privet Drive, is picked up by the three-leveled [[Medium Lilac|purple]] Knight Bus, a transport for a stranded witch or wizard. It also includes a lamp post, Harry's trunk, [[Hedwig]], a shrub, and [[Sirius Black]] in his [[dog]] form. [[Harry Potter (minifigure)|Harry Potter]] and [[Stan Shunpike]] [[minifigure]]s are included.
===The Bus===
The triple-decker [[Medium Lilac|purple]] bus includes three levels for passengers with beds rather than seats, as well as plenty of room for luggage. The [[Part 4594px1|windshield piece]] has the [[Shrunken Head]] printed on it. The beds are designed to slide up and down with every bend of the road. Minifigures enter via a door at the back, and the wheels of the Knight Bus roll very easily. There are lots of space aboard the Knight Bus for luggage, and aside from his wand, [[Harry Potter (Minifigure)|Harry]] has a trunk, a bedding tile, and Hedwig. Other accessories in the set are a shrub, a lamppost, and a [[dog]] which represents [[Sirius Black]] in his Animagus form. Layers between the floors are mostly covered with smooth tiles so the parts come apart easily for playability.
The [[minifigure]]s in this set are {{m|Harry Potter}} in casual clothing and [[Stan Shunpike]]. This particular Harry Potter minifigure is exclusive to the set, and while his torso pattern resembles what he wears in [[4714 Gringotts Bank]], the particular blue version found in this set is not found anywhere else. Stan is the first LEGO minifigure ever to be made almost completely out of purple bricks, and the police hat piece is in purple for the first time for this minifigure. Another interesting feature of the minifigure is the hair printed on his face. His torso has a purple tie and a conductor's ticket machine. He was exclusive to this set until a redesign of him was released in [[4866 The Knight Bus]].
==Purple Bricks==
The feature that makes this set special for many collectors is the inclusion of so many rare purple bricks. As well as their novelty value, they provide greater opportunities for MOCs (My Own Creations").
== Desription ==
|Product page URL=
|Archived webpage?(Y, N)=Y
|Description from
'''Take the Knight Bus™ for a ride!'''<br />
Stranded wizards can always count on the Knight Bus to pick them up. Harry Potter™ really needs a ride tonight, because he is being stalked by the Grim! Bring the Knight Bus in for a landing, but watch out -- you might knock the street lamp and trunk over! Includes Harry Potter, Knight Bus driver, and the Grim.
== Notes ==
* In [[2011]] it was remade as [[4866 The Knight Bus]]. This new version includes a redesign of the bus as well as minifigures for an [[Ernie Prang]] and a cylindrical piece representing the [[Shrunken Head]].
* In this set [[Stan Shunpike]] is a driver of the bus; however, in the film, book, and [[LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4]], it was driven by [[Ernie Prang]]. This mistake is fixed in [[4866 The Knight Bus]].
* This set includes a [[Part 4594px1|window piece]] that has the [[Shrunken Head]] printed on it.
* Due to colour consistency problems, in most sets, the [[Medium Lilac|Purple]] bricks were mismatched. This was fixed in the [[2011]] rendition of the Knight Bus.
== Minifigures Included ==
|txt1=[[Harry Potter (minifigure)|Harry Potter]]
|txt2=[[Stan Shunpike]]
== Gallery ==
<gallery widths="120" captionalign="left">
4755 Side.jpg
4594px1.jpg|The printed window with the Shrunken Head
== See Also ==
* [[4695 Mini Knight Bus]]
* [[4866 Knight Bus]]
== External Links ==
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