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4755 Knight Bus is a Harry Potter set released in 2004. The set includes the three-level purple bus that transports stranded witches or wizards around the world. It also includes a lamp post, Harry's trunk, Hedwig, a shrub and Sirius Black in his dog form. Harry Potter and Stan Shunpike minifigures are included.

In 2011 it is going to be remade as 4866 Knight Bus. This new version will include an Ernie Prang minifigure and a Shrunken Head.

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Take the Knight Bus™ for a ride!

Stranded wizards can always count on the Knight Bus to pick them up. Harry Potter™ really needs a ride tonight, because he is being stalked by the Grim! Bring the Knight Bus in for a landing, but watch out -- you might knock the steet lamp and trunk over! Includes Harry Potter, Knight Bus driver, and the Grim.

Minifigures included

Harry Potter (Flesh, Blue shirt)Stan Shunpike (Original version)


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