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4785 Black Castle, also known as Dark Dragon Castle in the UK,[1] is a DUPLO Castle set released in the year 2005. It includes one good knight on a DUPLO dragon and five evil dragon knights. It is the largest DUPLO build ever released, but became second in terms of piece count with the publication of 45028 My XL World in May 2020.


It is a predominately black set with two guard towers, two other towers in the back, two gates, and a bridge. There are several torchlights, a half dozen flags, at least seven rooms including a small dining room, a trap door in the highest tower, a couple of pulleys, a ladder, and the path between the two back towers carries a red treasure chest filled with gold.

This set was slightly redesigned during production: they replaced a red winch holder by a black one, and exchanged another winch holder and drum for the narrow version.[2] Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (See an archive of the product’s page)

Capture the Black Castle!

Help the brave Silver Knight and his dragon challenge the evil keepers of the Black Castle! Build the castle any way you like, and then equip it with turrets, flags, flaming torches and much more. With lots of possible castle configurations, little builders will have hours of fun helping good battle evil!

  • Includes dragon and 6 Knight figures with headgear, swords and more!
  • Includes treasure chest filled with gold!
  • Turn the wheel to raise and lower the castle gate!
  • Lots of great castle elements like arches, grates, turrets and more!
  • Capture the dragon and use included fence elements to build his cage!
  • Inspirational photos included for 5.5ft (170cm) high castle tower and other castle models!



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