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LEGO Battles
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Video Games
    LEGO Battles
        Castle (2007)
            Imperial Soldiers
            Mars Mission
            Space Police

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June 9, 2009




Single player, multi-player




Nintendo DS


LEGO Battles is a LEGO Video Game for the Nintendo DS released on June 9, 2009 in North America, and June 26 in the PAL region. It is a real-time strategy game, featuring six unique factions: Knights, Skeletons, Pirates, Imperial Soldiers, Astronauts and Aliens. Description[] This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Get ready for battle!

LEGO Castle, Pirates and Space join together on the battlefield in a fun, “create, build and battle” game for Nintendo DS™.

  • Pirates, Space and Castle join together on the battlefield!
  • Play through 6 distinct storylines to create your base, buildings, team and then deploy your troops for battle!
  • Play through campaign mode to customize your army and master your military skills!
  • Take on multiplayer mode to compete in a variety of games with your friends!
  • Use the Hero unit to cast special attacks on the battlefield!
  • Complete the missions and mix and match units from 90 levels to create the ultimate LEGO fighting force!
  • Choose single-player or wireless multi-player mode for 2-3 players!
  • Rated E for everyone with Cartoon Violence and Comic Mischief.



Minifigure Units[]

Special Units[]


Minifigure Units[]

Special Units[]


Minifigure Units[]

Special Units[]


Minifigure Units[]

Special Units[]


Minifigure Units[]

Special Units[]


Minifigure Units[]

Special Units[]

Hidden Heroes[]

Santa LB


The following characters are unlocked by collecting all the minikits in a story:

Cameo Characters[]

The following characters only appear as cameos in cutscenes or concept arts and do not appear as playable units in gameplay.


Boxes for Space Police and Castle sets released in 2009 advertised "LEGO Space: The Videogame" and "LEGO Castle: The Videogame", respectively, while Racers set boxes advertised LEGO Racers: The Video Game. None of these games were advertised further and remained a mystery for some time. While LEGO Racers: The Video Game was canceled, the Space and Castle games (as well as an unadvertised Pirates game) were merged into LEGO Battles: This is a description taken from the CEO/Creative Director of Hellbent Games. Please do not modify it.

Originally LEGO Battles was developed as three separate games: LEGO Space, LEGO Castle and LEGO Pirates. These titles were to be sold as individual DS games but allow you to connect any of the games together in multiplayer. You could trade units with your friends from the other two carts and win units by competing in multiplayer games against the other carts. Ultimately WB determined they wanted one bigger game instead of the separate games so we merged them into LEGO Battles. We lost a little bit merging into the single game as we used to have some microgames that allowed you to win a chance a units at the end of each game but ultimately I think LEGO Battles is a much bigger and stronger game.

The game's sequel, LEGO Battles: Ninjago, started development as LEGO Battles 2, before soon shifting to being primarily Ninjago themed. As in the final game, this early concept for LEGO Battles 2 featured an isometric camera angle.[1]




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