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4896 Roaring Roadsters is a Creator set released in 2006. It contains 931 pieces in black, red, and chrome to build an alternate car known as a "roaring roadster" with new sleek concept designs. Instructions are included for six models, most of which have working steering. It is recommended for children aged 8 through to 12. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it.

Rule the roads!

Get noticed on the road in this hot convertible sports car! Lean the seats back for comfort, open the doors to check out the interior, and pop the hood to show off the cool engine. Then, re-build your roadster into a drag racer or a jeep! Features awesome red and chrome-colored details! Roadster measures over 1 foot (30.4 cm) long! Includes instructions for 3 models! Seats recline and doors open! Raise the hood to view the engine!


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