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Mini Animals is a Creator set released in 2007. It contains 77 pieces, and it is recommended for ages 6 through 12. Is is contained in K4915 Mini Pods Collection.

Original Release[]

Mini Animals was originally released in 2007, available only through LEGOLAND, LEGO catalogue, or the online LEGO Store.


The parts in the set are capable of assembling into different animals. The instructions give directions for three different models. The first model, the one pictured above, is a monkey, that comes with a small tree on the side. The second assembly is a turkey, and this one has no tree at the side. The third and final assembly is one that has a tree again at the side, and it looks like a snake or dinosaur type animal.


Mini Animals' primary colour is brown, which is the colour of most of the pieces. Some of the parts are also tan, dark grey, red, and white, and the two leaf parts are green.