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4918 Mini Flyers is a Creator set released in 2007. It contains 78 pieces and instructions for building flying vehicles. A total of three models can be built using this set but only one can be built at a time. This set is recommended for ages 6 through 12. It comes in a reclosable container, and is not Minifigure scale.


In this set, there are a total of 78 pieces included to build three models of flying vehicles. All the pieces and instructions are also packaged in a reusable and reclosable plastic container. The consumer also has the ability to construct these three enthralling models (not at once): a helicopter, and two airplanes.

The Helicopter[]


The mini helicopter

One of the three models that can be constructed utilizing the pieces given in this set, is a helicopter. This helicopter has very intricate details to that of a real-life helicopter. Most notable, it's "nose" and rotor blades. In addition to this, on both sides of the helicopter, there is one white 1x1 roof tile part and a white "brick with bow 1/3" that are both attached to a plate which mimic a feature on a helicopter where the wheels retract into.

The Bi-Plane[]


The mini Bi-Plane

Of the three models that are able to be constructed, the second is a bi-plane. This bi-plane's wings are comprised of two main black plates which hold the propeller. Beneath the bi-plane's wings, are two "ski" pieces which are each independently attached on both sides of the wing. On the rear of the plane, there is also a red 1x3 roof tile which acts as the plane's "tail".

The Jet Plane[]

The very last model that could be built out of the pieces in this set is the jet plane. This jet plane contains two white "brick with bow 1/3" located at the front of the plane to mimic the jet's "nose". The wings of the plane are made up of black tiles, and two 90º 2x3 corner plates which have two, grey 1x3 grilles located on each side of the wings. On the rear of the plane, there is also a red 1x3 roof tile piece and a 1x1 transparent-yellow stud. It is also equipped with dual jet engines that are located slightly beneath the tail of the vehicle.


The Jet plane


  • This set is a 3-in-1 set, meaning that you can construct three different models (not at once) out of the pieces included in the set.
  • It comes in a reusable and reclosable container to store instructions and spare parts. Description[] This is a description taken from Please do not modify it.

Rocket into adventure with these fun and exciting mini flying vehicles! With a pocket-sized carrying container full of great LEGO pieces, instructions for building three air-themed models one at a time, and inspiration for many more, your imagination can take flight any time, any place! Includes building instructions for 3 different models! Pieces come packed in a portable plastic container!


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