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493 Space Command Center is a Classic Space set released in 1978. It contains a surface station, two rovers, and four Classic Space astronauts (two white, two red).


The station is built upon a grey crater baseplate. The building contains a control room with two swivel chairs (which were entirely brickbuilt and no dedicated chair pieces), as well as several computer monitors. On one of the walls is a large computer screen that showed a LEGO astronaut in space (This was a large preprinted piece, and not a sticker).


  • This was the first set that contained a crater baseplate, introduced in grey.
  • This set was only available in the US, where it was sold instead of the identical set 926 Command Centre that was available elsewhere.
  • A slightly modified version of this set appears in The LEGO Movie.
  • In popular culture: Mentioned in the sitcom "That 70's Show" in season 5, episode 19.

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