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4970 Chrome Crusher is a Rock Raiders set released in 1999. It contains the Chrome Crusher (a giant vehicle with a drill and a laser), a rock containing a Power Crystal, and Axle.


The Chrome Crusher is the Rock Raiders' second largest vehicle. Its main features are the top laser, the drill, and the laser arm. Under the top laser is a box for carrying boulders. It comes with one boulder, which has a Trans Neon Yellow Part 52 inside. The top laser rotates and has buttons, which when pressed, cause it to emit light and sound. The wheels are built for all terrain. On the central part there is a wrench for fixing small problems with the machinery. The machine has multiple lights, to light the way through the dark underground tunnels.


After the Rock Raiders team's ship ran out of fuel, they landed on Planet U. They had to collect enough crystals for the journey home, but were confronted with Rock, Ice, and Lava Monsters.


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