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4990 Rock Raiders HQ is a Rock Raiders set that was released in 1999. It contains 402 pieces and includes five minifigures.

A 2000 USA catalog page featuring the RR HQ


The Rock Raiders HQ is the largest Rock Raiders set. It contains a base and two vehicles. The vehicle is a small 4-wheeler, with a bucket for carrying boulders. It is piloted by one of the Rock Raiders. It goes into a small part of the base, which fits it perfectly. Its colour scheme is yellow, teal, and old dark gray. The air vehicle is much like a cross between a Hover Scout and a Hoverboard. It is piloted by Jet. It uses hover propulsion, so it doesn't have a propulsion system like larger air vehicles. This vehicle has a docking station for itself (although this section was used as the Teleport Pad in the game).

The Base itself is on a unique baseplate. It has multiple parts: an energy production/storage area, a boulder splitter, a place which drops boulders onto vehicles, a laser for drilling or fighting off Rock-Monsters, and a crane. The entire base is mostly teal, yellow, and old gray. The crane lowers and raises and carries boulders. The laser is one the tallest part of the base, and rotates. The boulder splitting area has room for a boulder to be placed, and the top is taken off by the crane. Then the crystal is put in the energy production/storage area and is used to store/produce energy.


The Rock Raiders, travelers from a distant planet, landed on Planet U because they were running out of fuel. Luckily for them, they found that the crystals used to power their ship could be found there. To their dismay, these crystals were the food of Rock, Ice, and Lava Monsters. They had to fight them to get the power crystals and return back home.


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