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4995 Cargo Copter is a Creator set released in 2008. It contains 272 pieces to build a Cargo Copter, with a propeller that spins, and a winch for carrying cargo, and a piece of cargo. It also includes instructions for a speedboat and a plane. It's recommended for children aged 7 through to 12.


  • This is one of few Creator sets to include a Power Functions accessory, a motor used to opperate the grappling hook to raise the cargo back to the copter.
  • This is the cheapest Creator set to include a Power Functions part. Description[] This is a description taken from Please do not modify it.

Lift, fly and go!

No cargo's too tough for this mighty Cargo Copter! Use the Power Functions to automatically raise the cargo platform and carry it anywhere you want. Includes instructions for rebuilding the copter into a speed boat with Power Functions anchor or a plane with a Power Functions spinning propeller! Copter has propeller and rotor that really spins! Push the button to use the Power Functions winch to raise the cargo platform! Cargo Copter measures 12" (30cm) long and over 4" (10cm) high!


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