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4998 Stegosaurus is a Creator set released in 2008, which contains 731 pieces to build a Stegosaurus with 4 long spikes on his tail, and eyes that light up using a Power Functions light-up brick. The eyes are made out of glow-in-the-dark plastic, so it continues to appear illuminated even when the light-up brick is not turned on. It also includes instructions for a T-Rex and a Pterodactyl, however, only 1 can be built at a time. This set is recommended for children aged 7 through to 12.

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Beware the spikes of the mighty Stegosaurus!

Here comes the plate-backed Stegosaurus! This Jurassic dinosaur may have eaten plants, but it was no pushover—just check out the four long spikes on its lashing tail! The Stegosaurus is fully-articulated with eyes that really light up!

  • Includes instructions for rebuilding into a hungry T-Rex or a soaring Pterodactyl!
  • Features movable mouth, tail, head and body!
  • Includes a light-up brick!
  • Measures 17" (43cm) long and stands over 8" (20cm) high!


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