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LEGO® Collector’s Guide 2nd Edition
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September 2012



LEGO® Collector’s Guide 2nd Edition is a book published in 2012. It comes with an exclusive Classic Space Key chain.

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Build your LEGO® brain power!

Discover how the LEGO® brick became what it is today in the all-new and improved Collector’s Guide 2nd Edition! Get the inside scoop on more than 7,000 sets, from the first LEGO bricks to today! Hot off the presses, this 900-page edition features details, facts, fun trivia, color photos and an exclusive collector’s key chain with classic space logo!

• Build your knowledge of LEGO® lore with this 900-page Collector’s Guide! • Learn the history of the LEGO brick! • Discover details on over 7,000 building sets! • Includes an exclusive collector’s key chain • Makes a great gift for LEGO fans!

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