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5000281 Chase McCain is a City set released in 2012. The set includes an exclusive variant of Chase McCain and was given away with the pre-order of LEGO City Undercover.


The set includes Chase McCain with a unique police uniform. His torso is light blue with printing of a dark grey vest and a badge. This badge design is also printed on his right arm. Chase McCain's legs and hips are black. His hips have printing of a brown belt with a grey buckle and his legs have printing of pockets. McCain's face features a good-natured smile and brown eyebrows. He has slightly messy brick-yellow hair.


  • In America and Australia, this set came free with pre-orders of LEGO City Undercover, and in Europe, it was in the Limited Edition version of the game.
  • While the set packaging depicts Chase McCain with brown hair, the minifigure inside has blond hair.

Minifigures Included


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