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5001135 Marvel Super Heroes Collection is a Marvel Super Heroes Ultrabuild Product Collection released in 2012.

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Team up with 3 Avengers™ to take on the world’s super villains!

Join forces with the mighty band of Avengers™ to battle evil in this collection of 3 LEGO® Super Heroes building sets! The super villains of the world stand no chance against 4529 Iron Man™, 4530 The Hulk™ and 4597 Captain America™.

Iron Man has everything a super hero could need! Powered-up armor, repulsor rays, jet boots, shoulder-mounted blaster and you, to combine and customize him! Only you can create a Hulk that’s built for battle with powered-up armor, super strength and a scientific brain! He’s a poseable, mighty muscle machine! Next, shield the world against danger with Captain America and his powered-up suit, indestructible bladed Vibranium shield and expert martial arts and boxing skills!

  • Features 3 buildable figures: Iron Man™, Captain America™ and Hulk™
  • Iron Man™ includes blaster with belt of ammo
  • Captain America™ includes bladed shield
  • Customize your models using the flexible building system!
  • Combine Iron Man with 4597 Captain America to build the bigger Iron Patriot!
  • Combine Hulk with 4529 Iron Man to build an even bigger Hulk!
  • Combine Captain America with #4529 Iron Man to build an even bigger Captain America!
  • Build bigger figures with the exclusive high-friction joints!
  • Poseable Iron Man, Hulk and Captain America buildable figures stand over 7” (18cm) tall

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