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5005236 Friends Clubhouse is a Friends set released in 2018. It includes Stephanie, hamster figure, pod, and several accessories.


The pod is built from two plastic pieces molded in medium lilac. The front of the pod has a lenticular image of the LEGO Friends logo, which, when held at the right angle, shows the five friends together.

The accessories included in the set are all held in the medium lilac pod. An azur turntable is built inside for the hamster and some pieces are hidden behind others.

Accessory elements include 'I HEART HLC' mug, slices of pizza, strawberry, map, binoculars, list tile, hamster treat, and greenery. A dark orange hamster is also included.

Mini-Doll Figures

Stephanie has light nougat skin and straight blonde hair with a fringe. She wears a white t-shirt with 'I HEART HLC' printed on it, earth blue skirt, and white tennis shoes.


  • Stephanie's torso is exclusive to this set. Description

Mini-Dolls Included