5006275 Gel Pen 6 Pack

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5006275 Gel Pen 6 Pack is a DOTS set.

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Creativity is at your fingertips with this LEGO® DOTS Gel Pen 6 Pack! With a variety of colors to take writing to the next level, each pen comes with 2 authentic LEGO 1x4 plates attached at the top, and the pack includes 25 colorful tiles so kids or LEGO fans can add their own creative flair to the pens. The square shape means they won't roll off a desk or table, and the gel ink and comfort grip make writing a breeze. A cool treat that makes a great addition to any home, office or classroom.

  • Inspire endless creativity with this LEGO® DOTS Gel Pen 6 Pack. Writing has never been smoother, while the pens’ securely attached plates offer unique decorative possibilities.
  • The slender, square-shaped pens each feature a removable cap, comfort grip and 2 authentic 1x4 LEGO® plates. The pack also includes 25 colorful DOTS tiles so kids or fans can decorate the pens.
  • These cool pens can be redesigned at any time to reflect an ever-changing style. The pens each measure over 6 in. (15 cm) long and will brighten up a desk at home, in the office or at school.

Minifigures Included

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