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55001 Universe Rocket is a LEGO Universe set released in 2010. It was a launch promotion for the LEGO Universe game and resembles the in-game rocket. It was given away free in October, 2010 in the LEGO Store as a "Universe Rocket Mini-Build". In the LEGO Stores it is possible to buy the set for $9.99 in the US, £8.99 in England, and €9.99 in Germany.


This is an orange, black, and white rocket that is featured in-game. Players normally only obtained this rocket if they had pre-ordered the game, and each set contains a card with a unique code that allowed players to receive the rocket in-game. This rocket is known as the Nexus Rocket. It is a rare sight to see somebody using it in-game, as many people prefer other newer rockets. It must be noted that those who obtained this rocket through pre-ordering also were granted a 2853944 Astronaut minifigure along with an in-game version of the outfit.


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