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Unternehmen Cybercom is a Time Cruisers audio drama released on cassette tape by the German label Karussel in 1996. The title is German for Operation Cybercom.

This is the second Time Cruisers audio drama, the first one was Testflug TC13 (Testflight TC 13) and the third and last one SOS aus der Vergangenheit Sos from the past.


Lego Time Cruisers: Episode 2 - Operation Cybercom

Two weeks after their first time travel adventure, Tim and prof. Cyber have finished repairing their time cruiser and decide to take the rest of the day off. They got tickets to see the launch of a new space shuttle, so they have a helicopter pick them up and fly them to the spaceport, leaving Robbie the Robot to look after the lab. After the shuttle launch, they have some pizza and go to the water sports center to have some fun. While Tim and Ali ride the jetskis, the professor receives a call from the police, saying that there has been an incident at the lab.

They return to the lab to find it completely in chaos. The professor deducts that the chaos might have been caused by the take-off of a time cruiser and they notice that the Time Cruiser Navigator (the Hypno Cruiser) and Robbie Robot are missing, so they come to the conclusion that Robbie must have taken the Navigator to go on a time travel. And so, even though the professor is usually annoyed by his bumbling robot assistant, they decide to go find him, an operation that Tim calls Operaition Cybercom ("Cyber" for prof. Cyber and "com" for companion).

They take off in the 6493 Flying Time Vessel (called flybo in story), immediately. The professor tries locating the6492 Hypno Cruiser(Called navigator in story), Navigator by rewiring some of the instruments on the Flybo, but this only causes them to land in the Lego Town era again, right on some train tracks. They almost get run over by a train since the ship wont fly anymore, but they escape by driving down the tracks until prof. Cyber can fix it and make another time jump. They arrive in the Pirate era, in front of Shipwreck Island, but before the pirates can attack them, they escape into the Zero-Time again. The professor then tries another attempt to locate Robbie, but only causes them to crash into the Aquazone again.

While watching some Aquasharks , Tim remembers that Robbie said something about wanting to get in contact with robots from other planets, so they repair the ship and travel to the dark, dead planet Spyrius . It turns out that the Mountain of Mutants is the big rock on the Spyrius Lunar Launch Site. There, they see the Robo-Guardian and Recon Robot throwing Robbie Robot back and forth between each other like a football. They distract the giant robots by flying straight at them, but the Robo-Guardians head detaches and starts attacking them. However, the Explorien Starship comes in to help them again. In midst of the ensuing battle between the Exploriens and Spyrians, Robbie manages to climb up the headless Robo-Guardian who is guarding the Time Cruiser Navigator and disable its swinging arms. With their Robo-Guardian defeated, the Spyrians retreat, so the battle was won, but one of the Guardian's falling arms hits Robbie and destroys him.

While they recover Robbie's broken body, the chief of the Exploriens, Doctor Science, approaches them and offers his help. He says that he knows prof. Cyber from their history books as he is one of the most important scientists in history, and that the Exploriens have been sending information about them and the Spyrians back to the past with a new data transmitter they developed which explains how the professor knows so much about the future. The Exploriens take Robbie's remains back their base and fix him up back to his old shape. They even programmed his faults back into him on request of the professor as that's the Robbie he knows and loves. In return, prof. Cyber offers the Exploriens to take them on a trip in one of his time cruisers sometime so that they can explore the past which they gladly accept. And so, the gang return to the present with both time cruisers (Tim's first time driving a time cruiser himself). From that day forth, the professor was much more appreciative of his robotic lab assistant.