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554 Exxon Fuel Tanker (also known as 554 Fuel Pumper) is a LEGO Town set released in 1979. It contains 97 pieces which constructs a semitrailer tank truck and a Driver Minifigure.


  • The driver's cabin does not allow the Minifigure to sit in it.
  • The trailer has a hose that's simply stored under the tank but doesn't include a hose reel.
  • On the right side of the vehicle is a decal saying "Happy motoring".
  • This set was only available in the US, since Exxon-labeled sets were not released in Continental Europe, UK, Australia and Canada, just as Shell sets were not released in the US until 1986. It was a variant of 671 Shell Tanker from 1978, which was the same truck in Shell livery.

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