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5598 Dino Valley is a Dino themed set released in 2008 under DUPLO. It included a caveman's valley complete with a cave, tree hideout, river boat, and a campfire. It also included three cavemen villagers, Pteranodon mother and baby, a Tyrannosaurus Rex, and Triceratops mother and baby. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it.

Prehistoric fun in Dino Valley!

Welcome to Dino Valley, where dinosaurs and cavemen live together in peace. But watch out for the T-Rex – it’s coming to steal all the food!

  • Includes 2 cavemen and cave-boy, plus a cave that comes complete with cavemen drawings!
  • Dinosaurs include a parent and baby Triceratops, parent and baby Pteranodon and a T-Rex with snapping jaws!
  • Includes fishing pole, canoe and a fish so the cavemen to go fishing!
  • Jungle has a tree, vine and a drawbridge that flips over!


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